ARD Documentary featuring Eldar Farber

Birgit Schultz and Lucia Schmidt, the German movie producers, decided to create a documentary which shows how current artists who choose to settle in Germany deal with how it embodies one of the most coveted immigrant destinations in Europe, while at the same time portrays a horrific history and a deep sense of guilt, in regards. FULL DOCUMENTARY (dub: German) >>>

New exhibition coming up: A House Without Rooms, Galerie Torri, Paris

A House Without Rooms builds upon the primary show that was first conceived at Alon Segev Gallery in Tel Aviv entitled Words Without Letters. Exhibiting artists: Linus Bill & Adrien Horni, Luc Fuller, Alex Katz, Ridley Howard, Alistair Frost and Guy Yanai. Opening Reception: October 22nd, 2015 Closing: November 21st, 2015 Read more >>>

A must-see exhibition at this year’s Sydney Contemporary art fair

Ruinart’s exhibition stall at this year’s Sydney Contemporary will display works by Israeli artist Gideon Rubin, whose faceless oil-paint portraits (pictured) represent members of the Ruinart family dating from the 17th century to today. Here, Rubin talks to Vogue. Read more >>>

Gideon Rubin's first monograph release

Coinciding with a touring exhibition of paintings and works on paper, this book is the first monograph on the acclaimed young Israeli painter Gideon Rubin. After witnessing the events of 9/11 in New York first hand, Rubin turned his back on his realist way of working and embarked on a method that has become his signature style. Read More >>>

Eitan Ben Moshe on Like A Prayer/ Magasin III

Like A Prayer presents works by 14 artists from 11 countries in the Magasin III collection, together with a group of objects from the collection of The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities. The artworks shown are both fragile and forceful investigations of highly personal or collective experiences and memories: Mona Hatoum's glass hand grenades, Sirous Namazi's recollections of his flight from Iran, and Ulf Rollof's processing of pain, to name a few. A central theme in the exhibition is how we humans put great faith in hope when faced with crisis. Read more >>>


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